First Lunar Landing of Mankind - the Enigma

The "First Lunar Landing of Mankind" patch is a commonly spotted patch, often in lots with other Apollo patches. However, some investigation about the origin of this patch has made the background and origin of this patch very confusing. I present evidence items A and B:

Cape Kennedy Medals A-B Emblem

I am hard-pressed to find a difference. There are subtle diffrences in the backs of the patches, but I don't have enough evidence to make one of the other. 

Another vintage example has been found, this time with a prominant "JULY" on the left side. The sitching is virtually identical to the back of other vintage A-B Emblem versions:

Then there are more modern versions of this patch which are more readily identifiable with thicker stitching in the "First Lunar Landing of Mankind" and the change of the "(c) 1969 NP" to "1969" in white thread. Even between these editions, there are diffrences in the thickness of the stitching for the main lettering. 

This list would not be complete with the weird outlier. This version has no "July 20" or "(C) 1969 ND":

And of course, the modern reproduction: