SPDB is seeking volunteer curators!

With over 1000 patches and a recent rebirth, the Space Patches Database is seeking volunteer curators with a passion for space patches to assist in keeping patch information up to date. The original site, "NASA Patch Database" was mothballed over 8 years ago and since then, countless Space Shuttle missions, ISS expeditions and even private space programs have come to be. 
We are looking for passionate space patch experts who would like to add fresh content as well as update older content on the site. All content management is handled in a simple web interface that allows one to quickly add images, descriptions and tags. 
How can you help?
have a passion for space patches. You don't have to have intimate knowdlege of all aspects of aerospace patch collecting. If  you're just a fan of the Gemini paches? No problem! Just interested in unmanned rocket launches at the Cape? Come aboard! Some of the things we need help with:

  • Adding new patches (any patch from the year 2000+ is fair game!)
  • Updating patch descriptions
  • Updating patch relationships (tags) so that clicking "Apollo 14" will bring up all other Apollo 14-related patches

How do help?
Just send an email to the site administrator, Liem Bahneman at liem at bahneman.com and I will set your account priviliges and give you a brief training on managing content and off you go!
Why Contribute?
Put some of that hard-earned patch collecting knowledge to use! Share what you know with a community of other enthusiasts. In my own persuit of collecting patches as a hobby I have accumulated a lot of random knowledge on various aspects of space travel and I found it very rewarding in putting it to use on the first version of SPDB. I hope others can share in this enthusiasm.
- liem