STS-51E - A-B Emblem

Mission objective was to deploy the TDRS-B communication satellite, cancelled due to IUS failure. Most of the crew would be reassigned to STS-51-D which flew in April 1985 (except for Patrick Baudry, who was re-assigned to STS-51-G which flew in June 1985).


The A-B Emblem patch has a cut edge around the body and a sew-on tab. There are two colors of twill background, dark and light bluie. There are also two colors of sew on tabs, a dark blue and light blue as seen in the photos:


  • Type 1, Dark blue main body with dark blue tab. (Hard to find).
  • Type 2, Dark blue main body with a light blue tab. (Very Rare). 
  • Type 2A, Light blue main body with a dark blue tab. (Extremely Rare).
  • Type 3, Light blue main body with a light blue tab. (Hard to find), but the most common of the 4 patches. 

The photo on this page are the "Type 1" issue.

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