STS-63 - 4" - "Ford" - Unknown Maker

STS-63 was the second mission of the US/Russian Shuttle-Mir Program, which carried out the first rendezvous of the American Space Shuttle with Russia's space station Mir. Known as the 'Near-Mir' mission, the flight used Space Shuttle Discovery, which lifted off from launch pad 39B on 3 February 1995 from Kennedy Space Center, Florida. A night launch and the 20th mission for Discovery, it marked the first time a Space Shuttle mission had a female pilot, Eileen Collins, and carried out the successful deployment and retrieval of the Spartan-204 platform, along with the scheduled rendezvous and flyaround of Mir, in preparation for STS-71, the first mission to dock with Mir.

This version of the STS-63 patch was made prior to Janice Voss' name change after her divorce. Rumor has it that this was produced by A-B Emblem, however, A-B Emblem denies making such a patch and closer examination confirms that this wasn't their production. The actual source of these patches is unknown, nor are the quantities, though based on the frequency of which they appear for sale or auction, they fall under the "rare" category. 

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Patch was made by Tom Foley. Janice Voss got divorced from her husband and wanted her name on the patch. She passed away as has Tom Foley. His business is closed and I had a few extra of the patches but they have all been sold.