About the Space Patch Database

About 10 years ago I found myself collecting aerospace related patches. While there were a number of wonderul website resources for researching specific, popular program patches, there wasn't a single resources for finding information about tertiary patches, such as Space Shuttle payload patches or unmanned rocket launches for satellites. Being a web developer, I found it a fun exercise to build what was then known as the "NASA Patch Database" as a clearing house for all aerospace-related patches.
Eventually, the NPD accumulated over 1000 patch entries! Around 2000, I regretably, sold my patch collection as a whole and updating of the NPD came to an end. Eventually, the site was taken down because I was concerned it was becoming too outdated (2005).
In 2013, I rekindled my patch obsession and decided at the same time to relaunch the NPD as the Space Patch Database, with updated look and feel, and eventually, updated content.
It is not designed to compete informationally with other wonderful resources out there, but rather to be more of a community-driven guide to the thousands upon thousands of patches that are lesser known than the the Gemini, Apollo or Shuttle patches. I also plan to do featurettes on current and past patches that have a unique history or collectability.
If you like the SPDB, I would love to have your help in maintaining the information, I am actively seeking volunteer curators.